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Reliable tablet presses for sale
Need to create an amazing tablet that stands out as unique?

If you’re in the business of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, then you know that having a quality pill press is essential to your success. But quality machines can be expensive—sometimes prohibitively so. That’s why TOPTDP offers a high-quality, yet a low-cost option for drug manufacturers.
We offer a wide variety of tablet presses so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
The range of our offer of tablet presses is much wilder than this, however, these machines listed below are the most popular for start-ups or private users.

Pill Press Parameter Comparison

Weight (kg)22kg55kg150kg
Dia of Tablet (mm)122020
Depth of Fill (mm)61818
Thickness of Tablet (mm)2-688
Motor Power (kW)No0.75kw0.75kw

Summary of tablet presses


  • Do those pill press machines include complimentary training?

    Yes, we offer free training videos, as well as human responses.

  • What are the most popular tablet presses?

    The TDP-5L is by far the most popular machine. It combines the advantages of older models of machines.
    Before it was TDP-5 but its disadvantage is that it is too heavy and hard to move.

  • How can I set the appropriate pressure?

    To properly adjust the pressure, make sure to follow the directions in this article.(coming soon)

  • I already have a TDP-0 and I need to upgrade to an electric machine, is there a recommendation?

    Considering that you may already have many TDP-0 molds, upgrading to a power machine usually requires re-purchasing new molds to adapt to the new machine.
    Highly recommend TDP-5L, the molds do not need to be replaced, you can just inherit the molds of TDP-0.

  • Do I get a free mold with the purchase of the machine?

    Yes, after purchasing the machine, a blank mold is installed on the machine by default.
    Limited time offer, a pair of stock molds with design is free with the purchase of a TDP-5L machine.

  • Where is this machine produced and shipped from?

    Our machines are made in China and shipped to you from our nearest shipping warehouse.
    We have shipping warehouses in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia.
    Since they are shipped from your local office, it reduces paperwork, avoids going through customs clearance, and minimizes the time and difficulty buyers spend in importing machines.

  • I’m not sure which machine I should order

    You need to consider the size of the pill you are making, as well as the yield.
    For more details, please kindly read this article.
    Pill Press Machine Buying Guide

  • What is personal protective equipment required to use this machine?

    safety goggles

    It is recommended to wear safety goggles, an industrial dust mask, and gloves when using the pill press machine.

  • How do I maintain my machine?

    Proper maintenance of the tablet press during use is essential and can significantly extend the machine’s life and contribute to the quality of the tablets.
    We will soon release a maintenance tutorial with graphic descriptions and videos for the machine.

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