2022 New Arrival TDP-5L Pill Press Machine Lightweight Electricity Tablet Press

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The TDP-5L is the newest and most advanced model in our product line. It features lightweight while maintaining high pressure for high productivity tablets such as OTC drugs, vitamins, and fitness supplements tablets. This machine has been specifically designed from the ground up for tablet applications; every part has been redesigned or improved over previous models.

01. Lightweight

02. High pressure

03. Modularity

04. Easy to use

05. electric powered

06. Overload protection

Brief description

By naming it the TDP-5L, TOPTDP considers it to be the best alternative to the TDP-5 model.
The structured design allows the overall weight to be reduced to 55 kg without loss of performance.
The unique pressure adjustment device makes it easier to adjust the pressure.

Recommended for

  • Tablet manufacturers Beginners
  • Have a need for output
  • Moves machines frequently
  • Clinic
  • Fitness tablet production
  • Vitamin tablet production
  • Weight loss pill tablet production
  • Making nutritional tablets