TDP Molds – Tablet die molds list

TDP molds are handheld pill press stamps used to create custom-shaped pills. Using the TDP series of pill presses, these dies can compress 60-100 mesh of powder to create pills with a variety of different shapes and sizes. These stamps are made of durable, high-strength alloy steel that can withstand the pressure of the pill press. This allows the user to create a variety of pills easily.

TOPTDP pill press dies are a new and innovative development in the field of handheld tablet presses. These dies are designed to be more compact and efficient, taking up less space in the machine and allowing for a more uniform material compression. This results in a higher quality product with fewer defects. In addition, the TDP dies are made of high hardness steel, making them more durable.
TDP dies for handheld tablet presses are a new technology developed to improve the quality and efficiency of tablet compression. These dies are made of tungsten carbide, which is solid and durable and can be machined to tight tolerances. This results in higher accuracy, higher quality finished products, and less scrap. These dies also have a longer life span compared to traditional steel dies.

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