2023 Pill Press Machine Buying Guide

In this article, I will walk you through your options when it comes to purchasing a pill press( desktop single punch ). 

First, I will give you a few of the most popular pill presses on the market today. After that, I will provide a list of the main features of each one. Lastly, I will tell you where they can be bought and what each one costs.

Comparing pill presses: Details about the tablet press machine

Manufacturers and distributors of tablet presses use a wide array of shapes and sizes. While this is great for variety and customization, it can be overwhelming for buyers to find the right tablet press for their purposes. To help customers make an easier decision, we will compare three common tablet presses: the TDP-0, the TDP-5, and new version TDP-5L

Detail comparison

Pressure (KN)155050
Drive ModeManualMotor (worm)Motor (belt)
Pill sizeDia. 4-12mmDia. 4-15mmDia. 4-16mm
Output20-40 pcs/min70 pcs/min80 pcs/min
Weight (kg)2555125
Upper Punch dieHeight 40mmHeight 42mmHeight 42mm
Punch die middle ringDia. 28mm Height: 17mmDia. 37mm Height: 22mm
(Optional change to TDP-0 molds size )
Dia. 37mm Height: 22mm
Bottom Punch dieHeight 40mmHeight 42mmHeight 42mm



  • Manual drive
  • 15KN pressure
  • 4-12mm round tablet
  • 25 kg weight

TDP-5 light weight -pill-press-machine-right-side-


  • Turbine motor drive
  • 50KN pressure
  • 4-15mm round tablet
  • 4200 pills/hour
  • 55kg weight

TDP-5 pill press left side view


  • Direct-drive motors
  • 50KN pressure
  • 4-15mm round tablet
  • 4800 pills/hour
  • 125kg weight
  • Europe Inventory

Drive method comparison

The TDP-0 is driven by a crank handle. Manually, this is obvious. No motor.
The tdp-5 and TDP-5L can be driven electrically or manually by turning the wheels for production.

Comparison of electric drive modes between TDP-5 and TDP-5L

The TDP-5 and TDP-5L have significant differences in their drive modes,
TDP-5 uses the traditional belt drive mode.
TDP-5L (lightweight version) uses Worm Wheel Drive

The difference between the two is that a worm wheel drive uses a worm gear to transmit power, while a belt drive uses a belt and pulleys.

The two main types of power transmission are belt drive and worm wheel drive. Belt drives are more common, but worm wheel drives are more efficient. A belt is wrapped around two pulleys in a belt drive, one attached to the motor and one attached to the load. This type of drive is used when there is a large distance between the motor and the load. The belt will slip if the load is too heavy or if the motor is running too fast.

Worm wheel drives are similar to belt drives, but a worm gear is used instead of a belt. A worm gear is a gear with a long, thin shaft that twists like a screw. The worm gear is attached to the motor, and the load is attached to the gearbox. The gearbox contains a set of gears that reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque output.

Which system is better? That depends on your needs. A worm wheel drive system is better for heavy loads because it has more torque than a belt drive system.

Please read the wiki if you need to know more:

Traditional belt drive mode.
Worm Wheel Drive

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Advantages
    • Lightweight easy to move 
    • Low price
    • Easy to operate
  • Disadvantages
    • Low pressure
    • Low yield
    • Manual Drive
    • Can’t make large-size tablets
  • Advantages
    • Motor drive (Directly)
    • High pressure
    • High output
    • Available press larger tablets
  • Disadvantages
    • Too heavy to move
    • Hard to operate
  • Advantages
    • Motor drive (Turbine)
    • Easy to adjust
    • High pressure
    • Available press larger tablets
    • Lightweight easy to move 
    • Affordable price
    • Easy to operate
  • Disadvantages
    • New model machine. Currently not very well known.

Conclusion: Best pill press for the home-based business

TDP-0 Suit for beginner

If you are new to the industry and want to try making your own tablets in small batches. And save your initial money at the same time.

TDP-5 (Classic) suit for laboratory

As the previous hot selling style, stable productivity and high pressure have been ideal for making medium and small desktop computers in the category of home desktop computers. The downside is. Weighs up to 125 kg. This leads to high shipping costs.

TDP-5L (Most recommend) Suit for most use cases

TDP-5L It is the lightweight version of TDP-5. 

The advantages of both are combined.

Adopted a new architecture. lightweight only 55kg

It is easy to carry and has the ability to produce larger tablets.

You can choose to fit a 28mm or 37mm center ring before shipping.

If you used to use the TDP-0 mold.

When you buy TDP-5L, you can choose the center ring that fits 28mm then you don’t need to change the mold.

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